The Christmas Island Seabird Project is supported by various governmental and non-governmental institutions, e.g. University of Hamburg (Germany), Department of Environment and Water Resources (Australia), and Parks Australia. Yet, it also depends on donations from individuals and companies to be continued successfully.

Support the Seabird Project - help to save the unique seabirds of Christmas Island!

Every donation will benefit the project directly and in its entirety. If requested, the University of Hamburg will provide a statement for tax deduction of the donation to be submitted at your tax department. (please check if your tax office accepts the statement).

With 700 Aus$ (ca. 500 €) it is possible to buy a Temperature-Depth-Recorder to investigate the diving behaviour of the animals. 150 Aus$ (ca. 100 €) are required to buy a GPS-Logger to determine the foraging areas of the birds.

It is also possible to "adopt" a frigatebird".

Also smaller donations are helpful, e.g. to buy consumables like batteries, gas or climbing gear for accessing the nests in the rainforest canopy. Every donation helps!

Donations accounts:

If a tax deductibility statement is requested, please make the donation to:

Account owner: University of Hamburg
Bank: Deutsche Bank Hamburg
IBAN: DE98 2007 0000 0080 2629 30
Designated Use: 2297 / Dept. Ganzhorn / Christmas Island Project / (Name of donor)

Please do not forget to give your full name and address for the tax statement.

If no tax statement is needed, you can also use the account on Christmas Island:

Westpac Bank Christmas Island
Account name: Janos Hennicke
Account designator: Christmas Island Seabird Project
BSB / Acc. No: 736189 / 530436