The oceans of this world and their flora and fauna are in danger. Various human activities and their consequences, such as over-fishing and marine pollution, more and more negatively affect all marine ecosystems and their organisms like fish, whales, and seabirds.

The Christmas Island Seabird Project investigates the biology and ecology of several highly threatened seabird species of Christmas Island (CI) in the eastern Indian Ocean: Christmas Island Frigatebird, Abbott's Booby and Red-tailed Tropicbird. The aim of the project is to create a scientific foundation for the protection of the seabirds and their habitat as only with detailed knowledge about the threats to and requirements of the birds it is possible to develop and implement effective protection measures and management strategies.

The Christmas Island Seabird Project was initiated by Dr. Janos Hennicke, University of Hamburg, Germany, in 2004, and has been implemented under his leadership in close cooperation with the Christmas Island National Park since then.